Jesus - we declare that you are God over every man, woman and child - YOU are the God of all creation. 


YOU breathed the breath of life into every living being and caused praise to come to forth from the darkness. YOU created and called our families and the generations after us , by YOUR name and for YOUR glory.


Like Abraham Isaac and Jacob, You will be faithful to us and You WILL contend with our enemies and cause us to grow strong with wisdom - perseverance - health and long life. We will not bow, we will not receive, we will not share, participate or confess in any generational curse, by reason of our biological, paternal or maternal bloodline in - Jesus name. The eyes of our generation and those after us will see great victories and will be overwhelmed by the greater glory that will be revealed to us.


I declare that every person here is a seed of destiny that will grow into all you’ve created them to do and be. NOTHING will uproot the seed from the good soil of The Holy Spirit.


You are the champion of heaven and the great defender of every family. And those that put their trust in you shall not be moved. Every strange wind of disaster attacking our households is blowing in the opposite direction and will not come near us - in Jesus name.  

I declare that every giant standing against the peace and unity of our marriages are being cast down now. Let all powers encamping against our homes and our entire family lineage become confused and scatter because of the blood of Jesus. Every male seed will live and every caged destiny, every imprisoned womb will be opened -- In Jesus Mighty Name.


Lord - lift up our children out of shame and obscurity. And set them in a place of honour and dignity. The children, that You have given us are meant for signs and wonders, and not for shame and disgrace and every plan the enemy has to change this narrative, I bind in Jesus name!


I break every chain of limitation tied around the legs of our parenting, our children, our families and our vision to slow down or completely stop us. That pit of destruction being dug by the devil for our provision and the success of our families WILL NOT succeed in Jesus mighty name.   


Because we have made the Lord our refuge, no evil will befall us

nor will any plague or disease come near our dwelling.

Lord you give your angels charge over us, and YOU WILL keep us. Constant praise and adoration will remain upon the lips of your people and in their homes will come forth GREAT PRAISE and GREAT TESTIMONY. You will never leave us or forsake us - You are with us always and the victory is yours!


In Jesus Name - AMEN!


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