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TSF Music Development Program

Greetings Candidate,


We are excited that you have decided to pursue this opportunity.  IN 1 Samuel 16:14-23.  David becomes King Saul’s armor bearer and comes to play when Saul is troubled.  Hearing David play, Saul got relief from his terror, evil spirits left and he was comforted.  There is power in worship to tear down strongholds, open doors of deliverance and salvation, and bring healing to people.  We believe in investing in the gifting and anointing that God has on his people for his people and have developed this for the enrichment of the church and the body of Christ.    


Criteria for applying 

  1. Individuals age 15 to Adulthood who already have some knowledge of an instrument and have an instrument to practice on.

  2. Look for an instructor to provide weekly lessons and provide that individuals information to the church for quarterly check-ins, and payment.

  3. Commit to practicing at least three hours per week aside from the lesson time. 

  4. Candidates will play for the worship pastor or member of the pastoral team to establish a baseline, and then have quarterly check-ins where progress will be monitored.  

  5. If it is noted that an applicant is not practicing,   if the applicant loses interest, or is unable to go to their lesson, the lessons will be terminated.  

  6. The contract for lessons will continue for a year and a meeting will be held with the applicant to determine if the lessons will be renewed for the following year. 


How do I continue with the application process?

  1. Schedule an appointment with the worship pastor & administrative pastor before or after service on a Sunday.  

    1. At that time you will share your interest in the program, expectations will be reviewed, and you will bring your instrument to establish a baseline 

    2. If you are a minor a parent or guardian must be present.

  2. Search for a teacher for a half – an hour lesson.  

    1. Provide the contact information, name, and amount to the administrative pastor.

    2. Schedule an appointment with the teacher and inform the administrative pastor of the start date to arrange payment.  If lessons are missed it is your responsibility to inform the administrative pastor so payment is not sent.

  3. Schedule your quarterly check-ins with the administrative pastor and worship pastor

  4. Schedule your annual meeting with the worship pastor & administrative pastor.


Our goal is that you will grow in your skill, anointing, and ready yourself to serve TSF either on the worship team or assisting other ministries within the church in worship.  However, completing the program does not mean that you are automatically ready to minister or are guaranteed to be on the worship team.  This will be up to the discretion of the worship pastor and is contingent upon several factors such as spiritual growth, maturity, skill, etc.  Similarly, if you have no interest serving in ministry then you should pursue lessons on your own.  

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